Downeast Salmon Federation seeking Development Director

Downeast Salmon Federation (DSF) is seeking a full-time Development Director to coordinate major gifts and strategic partnerships. The position reports to the Executive Director. Responsibilities The principal responsibility of the position is to provide strategic direction and leadership for development … Continue reading

  • "Science, Lobstering and Lobstermen" part of the Summer Fish Talk Series Thursday, August 13 - 2:00pm with Robin Alden at The Highlands, Topsham and at 6:30pm at Maine Maritime Museum

    Machias Blueberry Festival - August 15th

    "Are Alewives the Key to Rebuilding our Coastal Cod Stocks?" part of the Summer Fish Talk Series Tuesday, September 8 - 7:00pm with Ted Ames at Schoodic Institute

  • Atlantic Salmon are iteroparous, which means they can spawn more than once. Some adults will migrate back to the ocean after spawning (these fish are called kelt, or black salmon) to regain their strength and fat stores before returning for a second or even third time to spawn. Fish species that spawn only once and then die are referred to as semelparous.