Fox Bangor’s Kayla Hevey joined DSF and Unity College stocking Atlantic Salmon in the East Machias River on October 16, 2019

EAST MACHIAS – The Downeast Salmon Federation, with the help from Unity College freshmen, released around 15,000 Atlantic salmon into the East Machias River. “Salmon are endangered species, which means there aren’t many coming back to Maine. In fact, I think … Continue reading

Branch Lake Stream Dam being removed in Ellsworth

By Owen Kingsley  ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) – The removal of the Branch Lake Stream Dam in Ellsworth is underway. The dam has been here for decades, interrupting the flow of Branch Lake Stream. After a few years of fundraising, the Downeast Salmon … Continue reading

Maine Voices: Saving threatened wildlife should involve private landowners

BY AMOS ENOSPECIAL TO THE PRESS HERALD The Press Herald recently published an editorial by The Seattle Times on the Endangered Species Act (hereafter ESA) that demonstrated ignorance of how to achieve endangered species recovery in the 21st century, and the many subtleties … Continue reading

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  • Salmon are anadromous, which means they spend their juvenile lives in freshwater, migrate out into the ocean to grow to adults, and migrate back to freshwater to spawn. Upon re-entering freshwater, salmon stop eating and live off of their fat reserves they build up while feeding in the ocean