Downeast Salmon Federation Fights to Restore Endangered Species

Story by Kaya Pulz originally published on Kaya is a former student of DSF’s Vice President Don Sprangers.  She now attends Unity College. The state of Maine is commonly known for its breathtaking scenery, beautiful wildlife, and great fishing. … Continue reading


    March 24th - Cold Water / Cold Beer at Flexit Café & Bakery (192 Main Street) in downtown Ellsworth, Maine, with beer sponsored by Airline Brewing Co.! Doors open at 6:30pm.

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  • Atlantic Salmon are iteroparous, which means they can spawn more than once. Some adults will migrate back to the ocean after spawning (these fish are called kelt, or black salmon) to regain their strength and fat stores before returning for a second or even third time to spawn. Fish species that spawn only once and then die are referred to as semelparous.