All for the Cost of a Dollar a Parr

DSF’s Peter Gray Parr Project has just been featured in Sporting Classics Daily! By Tom Keer When spelled with one “r,” par refers to the number of strokes required by a first-rate golfer on a given hole. I played golf … Continue reading

Down East Salmon Restoration Efforts Celebrated

By John Holyoke, Bangor Daily News – The building that houses the Downeast Salmon Federation is wearing a disguise, Dwayne Shaw says with a grin, gesturing around the sparkling building that contains the Peter Gray Hatchery, a museum, a laboratory … Continue reading

‘It’s a part of life here’: Down East smelt fry a celebration of spring, local foods

Article By Emily Burnham, BDN Staff If he peeked around the corner from where his fish-frying station was set up, Evan Emerson could see the place where he and others caught the fish in the first place. The smelts — … Continue reading

  • Hops and Hoppers (Fly Tying 101) - January 29th – 6pm-7:30pm at Airline Brewing Co. on Main Street in Ellsworth – Led by skilled fly tyer and DSF board member Joe Horn. Learn the art of fly tying or, if you’re already a skilled fly tyer, come tie a fly or two and maybe give a newbie a few pointers in the process.

    Visit our 2017 Events page for more details.

  • Atlantic Salmon are iteroparous, which means they can spawn more than once. Some adults will migrate back to the ocean after spawning (these fish are called kelt, or black salmon) to regain their strength and fat stores before returning for a second or even third time to spawn. Fish species that spawn only once and then die are referred to as semelparous.