Downeast Salmon Federation is seeking Director for their Downeast Rivers Land Trust

The Downeast Salmon Federation, based in Columbia Falls, Maine, is seeking a director for its land conservation program, the Downeast Rivers Land Trust. DRLT is a program within the Downeast Salmon Federation and the director will report to DSF’s executive … Continue reading

  • Fin Clipping Begins Monday, September 26th!!

    Wednesday, September 28th at 6pm - Ellsworth, Dams, and the Future of the Union River: Opportunity Knocks. A talk with Dwayne Shaw, Executive Director of the Downeast Salmon Federation. Ellsworth Public Library in the River View Room. This event is the first in a series of Public Forums hosted by the Ellsworth Downtown Association.


  • Salmon are anadromous, which means they spend their juvenile lives in freshwater, migrate out into the ocean to grow to adults, and migrate back to freshwater to spawn. Upon re-entering freshwater, salmon stop eating and live off of their fat reserves they build up while feeding in the ocean