Branch Lake Stream Dam being removed in Ellsworth

By Owen Kingsley  ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) – The removal of the Branch Lake Stream Dam in Ellsworth is underway. The dam has been here for decades, interrupting the flow of Branch Lake Stream. After a few years of fundraising, the Downeast Salmon … Continue reading

Maine Voices: Saving threatened wildlife should involve private landowners

BY AMOS ENOSPECIAL TO THE PRESS HERALD The Press Herald recently published an editorial by The Seattle Times on the Endangered Species Act (hereafter ESA) that demonstrated ignorance of how to achieve endangered species recovery in the 21st century, and the many subtleties … Continue reading

The ‘mind-boggling’ journeys of one Atlantic salmon

By John Holyoke, BDN Staff • July 30, 2019 6:00 pm Your morning commute to work might be hectic and harrowing, but before you start feeling sorry for yourself consider the journeys that Charlie — the name given to a soon-to-be-famous Atlantic salmon … Continue reading

  • Fin Clipping @

    Peter Gray Hatchery

    That time of year is almost upon us - the time when we wish all of the ~250,000 Atlantic Salmon parr being reared in our Peter Gray Hatchery the best of luck out in the wild. We have raised them right - they are strong and determined - and their instincts will bring them back to these waters in in a few years!
    But before we release them into the East Machias River watershed, we mark each of them by clipping their adipose fin so that we are able to identify them as hatchery fish when we check on them in the Spring.
    We would love for you to be a part of our Atlantic Salmon conservation efforts! We have set aside 3 evenings in October for our friends and supporters to join us for fin clipping. With about 250,000 “little athletes” this year at the Peter Gray Hatchery, our task is great but many hands make light work!
    *Wednesday, October 2nd - International Year of the Salmon Celebration
    *Tuesday, October 8th - Ladies' Night
    *Wednesday, October 9th - Gentlemen's Night

    Fin Clipping 2019 IYS

    Fin Clipping 2019 mens

    Fin Clipping 2019 ladies


    Our Friends at Fogtown Brewing are at it AGAIN!

    Check our our Events Page for more upcoming events!

  • Semianadromous or sea-run brook trout, commonly called "salters," may spend up to three months at sea feeding on crustaceans, fish, and marine worms in the spring, not straying more than a few miles from the river mouth. The fish return to freshwater tributaries to spawn in the late summer or autumn. While in salt water, salters gain a more silvery color, losing much of the distinctive markings seen in freshwater. However, within two weeks of returning to fresh water, they assume typical brook trout color and markings.