Conserved Lands

The Downeast Salmon Federation has acquired 2,227 acres around critical aquatic habitat for research, conservation, and use by the public. The DSF also holds conservation easements on another 710 acres.

The land trust has completed 42 habitat protection and recreational access projects. The results of this work have been permanent protection through fee purchase and easement of over 2,937 acres of land, including 23 miles of stream and river frontage in the Narraguagus, Pleasant, and Machias River watersheds.

This protection includes:

  • land adjacent to critical salmon rearing and spawning habitat,
  • important cold water refugia for salmon and trout,
  • three public river access points,
  • two traditional salmon fishing pools,
  • three canoe portage trails,
  • two important pre-historic archeological sites,
  • and three cabins available to the public for use.